EMS Training

Our EMS fitness center Dubai provides
people who want to work without spending
much time and opportunity to stay fit
with EMS devices.

Fat Loss

EMS weight loss training can help
to lose fat and burn calories.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the new method of hitting the gym and working out by a wireless device. Our EMS training is a 21 minutes active, full-body workout that uses electrical impulses to get a controlled contraction of the muscle tissues very effectively.

Up to 85-90% of muscles are activated during a full-body EMS workout session with the help of electrodes. This enables you to accomplish outstanding results with an intense 21-minute workout session in a week.

At Full Circle, you can have your personal EMS fitness trainer, who continually adjusts the fitness theme songs, plan the intensity, guide on your training postures, and set the duration of the electrical impulses as per your contrived EMS training plan.


Choosing an EMS training program is always a better option than spending hours in the traditional workout. As per comparison to traditional weight loss workout training, EMS training gives better result and reach to the deeper muscle groups in the whole body.

You can see the simultaneous activation of the agonists, antagonists, and the whole body tissues. Following are the benefits of going to our EMS training center in Dubai to stay fit and healthy:

Building Muscles: It helps in building muscle and gaining strength in the body through impulses when the electrodes are placed in a particular muscle group.

Body Postures: The training is popular among people to improve their body posture because most working people suffer from backaches due to back posture in their work environment.

Weight Loss: In our body fitness center, people who want to lose their weight and make their body fit have to spend a lot of time pulling and lifting weights. EMS training helps you to save time by giving the same results within less time.

Body Toning: Our best EMS center provides EMS training to balance out the muscular system of the body along with toning the body from head to toe. This is a result of contractions.

Maintain Blood Circulation: We, at Full Circle have professional personal trainers who help to improve blood circulation in the body by contraction and impulses in a particular body part.

Time-Saving Benefits: 21 minutes once or twice in a week and you will get a result of 7(days)*2(hours)/week. The whole body and muscle-related issues will be activated during this EMS training session.

Fitness centers in Dubai have professional personal trainers who help to improve blood circulation in the body by contraction and impulses in a particular body part.