Why These 10 Celebrities Choose EMS Training for Their Perfect Fitness?

There is nothing better than EMS training and these celebrities choose EMS Training. They are swearing by this technology. It may be easy to think that these celebs have so much to do to look good and fit. Well, to be honest, there is a whole lot of BTS work that goes into their body.

Now instead of following the conventional gym and spending over hours at various stations, some prefer to follow the EMS training considering its benefits. This is also used by physiotherapists as a rehabilitative tool, this workout includes strapping on a body shit that sends electrical impulse currents on your body. It can train your muscle groups more efficiently.

EMS was followed by top-level sports stars for years, but as of late celebs and fitness freaks all over the world have started to follow this fitness trend. EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation offers double duty, passing pulses and using electrodes to contract muscles is done every couple of minutes. These are done slow and fast twitches at a rate that is not possible with a conventional workout.


Madonna could be indulged in 40 – minute sessions which can burn more than 2500 calories – which is equal to spending 6 hours in the gym for the same results for her body toning and fitness.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Victoria’s Secret models definitely need to work hard to look chic in lingerie shoots. And EMS training for this model allows her to get amazing results in just twenty minutes per week.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer can get his stamina up in those intensive rounds with EMS training.

Bayern Munich FC

It is not just celebs but footballers who are also jumping into the EMS workout with the Bayern Munich FC says that the workout enables a more intensive and stronger muscle contraction than arbitrary contractions which enhance the speed.

Usain Bolt

Bolt is said to use EMS training to speed up muscle recovery, besides training his stamina and endurance.

David Haye

David, boxing world champion also approves EMS workout as it helped with sculpting his excellent ringside physique.

Ashley Graham

A model who wants to stay at the top of her game uses EMS workout to deliver that expected look for the Vogue cover and Sports Illustrated.

Elsa Hosk

This Swedish model says that taking EMS training helps increasing muscle density, power output, and muscle strength on her Instagram page.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen says that EMS allows you to make more muscle fibers which could lean in strength gains. She has also reported that it works better for her and sounds amazing.

Heidi Klum

Klum has reported that EMS training has improved physical strength and reduced fat. It has also helped her to reduce excess weight and it defined muscles in just a week of starting the training. She did not stop high protein and balanced meals with EMS training.

As you can imagine, the pros are far-reaching when you follow the EMS workout. You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to leverage this workout. EMS is extremely versatile with the ability to increase fitness training at any level. This workout can help you effectively and swiftly build strength and endurance, enhance explosiveness, and support muscle recovery.  If you are the one who engages in light to a moderate workout regime, EMS helps maximize the performance and tine muscles.

Can anyone use EMS?

As celebrities choose EMS Training, so yes EMS training is suitable for all age groups. But, EMS is not suitable for people who have heart problems or who are pregnant. Experts have suggested not to use it on your neck, chest, or eyes. And it should not be used in bath, sauna or shower as well.

Getting started with EMS

Your practitioner will guide you to warm up and prepare the muscle for maximum output or support recovery or cool down in the middle of your workouts. It is easy to get started with EMS.  It uses electrical currents to increase muscle contraction. When you work out, you are contacting the muscles in a more or less way. It can trigger muscle contractions that your brain doesn’t know to perform on its own. Being one of the hottest fitness and health trend it is certainly not going to fade away anytime sooner. Join Full Circle immediately.

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