10 things you should never do in an EMS Fitness Gym

Written by fullcircle

February 14, 2021

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has brought something new to the old gym techniques. It aims at cutting exercise time by sending low-intensity electric impulses to contract muscles. Consequently, you can get the benefit of a long workout in a shorter time.

People have claimed that they could see a visible result in 4 months of the training. EMS, indeed, makes it easy for you to meet your body goals. However, to get there, you need to avoid some things.

Not choosing a proper trainer

A personal EMS trainer guides you through your whole training. A trainer decides your diet and designs suitable routines for you.

However, your trainer should be well-versed with new upgrades of EMS. Only then will you be able to get your results.

Ignoring nutritional requirements

Usually, trainers provide you with the necessary nutrients and calorie intake. You should follow what your trainer has to say — the specified diet requirements and calorie count helps to avoid excess fat. So, your muscle-fat ratio remains healthy.

The workout that you do has to be met halfway with your day. You should neither overeat nor eat less than what is required.

Sticking to a single routine

While you’re working at an EMS fitness gym, make sure you are not sticking to a single routine. The exercise or training you do has to change after a while as your body changes too.

Following the same routine will only restrict your growth. Besides, different routines help to target different parts of your body and make sure you don’t get bored.

Using EMS just for weight loss

EMS is a great way to build muscles and overall body strength. Using EMs just for weight loss limits you from taking its full advantage. Besides, you should never just focus on losing weight. Instead, focus on achieving a healthy and fit body.

Improper breathing

Not breathing correctly can make your training more difficult. Moreover, improper breathing can tighten your muscles and induce anxiety. So, you should focus on your breathing while training.

Beginning with intense training

One of the most common mistakes people make is beginning with intense training. You should always go slow and follow exercises for beginners.

Going slow also allows you to be consistent in your training. It is to be kept in mind that a healthy body isn’t made in a single day.

Not taking enough protein

Protein plays a very significant role in EMS training. One of the best fitness tips is to take protein in 30 minutes of ending your workout. Protein gets back the energy utilized in training. You can use eggs and meats to meet your protein needs

Not warming up or cooling down

Beginning your training without a proper warm-up puts you at the risk of an injury. Your body is not ready for any sort of exercise unless you warm-up first.

Cooling down is necessary to bring your body back to its normal state. So, you should definitely add some cooling down exercises in your training.

Not eating after the training

Your body needs fuel after you exercise. As discussed before, you should take protein after you work out. You can even take carbs; just don’t go beyond your advised calorie limit. Eating after your workout recovers strength and energy.

Avoiding drinking water

You should take small sips of water during the workout and afterward, too. Water helps in keeping your body hydrated and replenishes the water lost. You do not want to faint out of dehydration, so water is a must.

Remember these things while working with EMS, and you’re good to go!

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