15 Do’s and 15 Don’ts to Shape your Body and Maintain Immunity System

Written by fullcircle

July 2, 2021

A lot of time, even after exercising regularly, you may find yourself with zero results for all the efforts you have made. It can be frustrating as well as unmotivating: it may even stop you from working towards fitness. Therefore, it is necessary that you figure out what you are doing wrong or seek help from experts to maintain your immunity system.

To help you out, below, we have made a list of 15 dos and don’ts to shape your body as well as immunity.

The do’s to shaping your body

Physical fitness can change a lot of things for someone. So, below are some things you can do to make sure you achieve fitness goals and maintain immunity system during Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Go green: Diet plays an important role in attaining the shape of your dreams and building your immunity. Therefore, you should go green and eat as healthy as you can. From our very childhood, we have been taught to eat green vegetables, the reason behind it are the countless benefits these vegetables provide to your body. So, it is time you shift.
  2. Use fruits to satisfy sweet cravings: Making a switch in your diet is difficult. You may be craving sweets and the food you normally eat. Instead of going for any artificial sweeteners, you should go for natural sweeteners such as fruits. It can make a big difference in your diet.
  3. Stay hydrated: Keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. Keeping your body hydrated speeds up the process of attaining your dream body and boosting your immunity. Moreover, you can also get cleaner skin and other such advantages.
  4. Exercise regularly: You can’t solely win the battle by eating healthy; you also need to make your body work. It is essential that your body gets some physical exercise done every day to remain fit and healthy.
  5. Limit alcohol: Alcohol affects your body negatively, and many alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugar. Consequently, it can make you gain weight. Moreover, alcohol often makes you bloated, which may hinder your fitness goals.
  6. Plan your meals: Plan your meals beforehand so you’re not ordering any last-minute pizzas. You can plan your meals at the beginning of every week; it will both save you time and contemplation. You can also find recipes online.
  7. Find a professional EMS Trainer: It is okay to seek help from a professional. If you think your home workouts and diet aren’t working out, you should seek an expert to solve your problems. Moreover, investing in your health is never a waste of money.
  8. Partner up for working out: It gets easier to work towards your fitness and health if you have someone who is doing it with you. Therefore, it is recommended that you partner up with someone who is looking to achieve the same goals as you.
  9. Cut down on your sugar: You should also cut down on your sugar. Read the labels of the food you buy to check the sugar content. Eating too much sugar has a lot of disadvantages.
  10. Count your calories: Set a calorie budget for yourself to prevent yourself from overeating. While setting this budget, make sure you keep it realistic as well as healthy. A lot of time, people set a calorie budget that makes them starve, which you should never do.
  11. Switch to healthy carbs: several people will tell you to cut down carbs from your diet. However, carbs are as important as proteins or any other nutrient. Therefore, instead of banning carbs from your diet, you should switch to healthy carbs.
  12. Lift weights: The biggest misconception about weight training is that it will only make you muscular. However, that is not true as weight training can help you build different parts of your body and reduce fat.
  13. Sleep well: Lifestyle changes are also required to attain a healthy and fit body. Make sure you at least get 8 hours of sleep every night. It will make sure you are properly rested.
  14. Chew your food properly: Do not merely gulp down your food. Chew your properly as it makes it easier for your body to break the nutrients.
  15. Eat fresh food: Go for fresh food rather than packaged foods. Packaged food requires a lot of preservatives to preserve it, and they are often bad for your health.

The don’ts to shaping your body

Below are some of the don’ts to shaping body:

  1. Only focusing on losing weight: Your goal shouldn’t only be to lose weight. You should instead focus on getting healthier.
  2. Distracted eating: Pay attention to your food while eating. Do not practice eating while watching television or doing any other task.
  3. Exercising too much at once: Do not exercise too much at once. You can’t achieve all your fitness and health goals in a single day. Therefore, you should put in the effort every day.
  4. Skipping meals: Do not skip any meals at all as it may lead to binge eating.
  5. Expecting early results: Expecting too much too early will leave you disappointed. You want to motivate yourself and not demotivate, which is why you should not expect anything too early.
  6. Not being active: You cannot leave your fitness to that one hour of exercise you do every day. You need to stay active throughout the day. You can engage in household chores and take walking breaks for the same.
  7. Banning food: Do not ban any food from your diet. It can add to your cravings and may lead to binge eating. Instead, you can limit your consumption of that food item and slowly let it go.
  8. Not tracking your journey: If you are not tracking your journey, you will not be able to see if you are getting results or not. Therefore you should track your progress at least once every month.
  9. Exercising without music: Playing music while you’re working out can change the game for you. Music adds a pump to your workout and makes it a bit easier for you.
  10. Only exercising: You will have to change your lifestyle as well as your eating habits to build immunity and fitness. Therefore, you should sleep properly, eat properly and remain active.
  11. Following random diets: Following random diets can do more harm than good. Therefore, you should consult an expert before following any diet.
  12. Doing 10-minute workouts only: Let’s be honest, 10-minute workouts are not enough. No matter how strictly you follow these routines, they won’t give any results. Your workout should at least be 30-45 minutes. 
  13. Only doing cardio: Do not only rely on cardio while shaping your body. You should include weight training in your routine. Also, you can try other different workouts.
  14. Eating too late: You should not eat anything right before you sleep. It is recommended that you decide on dinner time for your everyday routine.
  15. Ordering too much: Homemade meals are a great way to build immunity while building your body. It is healthy and cost-effective. Therefore, you should avoid ordering food from outside.

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