How Ems can Ease Your Pain

Written by fullcircle

June 6, 2020

Melinda has had a hard time: she suffered from burnout and left her house. Until she discovered EMS! The training with electrical muscle stimulation helped her to find the right way!

Melinda tells us:

I have come to the Full Circle studio on the recommendation of my doctor. Due to many factors – such as the great strain of working with sick people – I fell ill with burnout. I isolated myself completely. I was down both with my soul and my body. My neurologist advised me to socialize and do sports.

Five months after the diagnosis I pulled myself and stood in front of the ‘Full Circle Ems fitness studio So I plucked up the courage and just walked in.  The personal trainer took me in direct and responded to me. It was important to me that nobody watched during the training. The trial session convinced me, so I decided to do regular EMS training once a week.

In the beginning, it was difficult to coordinate the exercises with breathing. But I quickly got used to it. I feel well looked after by the trainer team and I am motivated every time. The personal trainers are role models for me.

I have been with the team for four months now, I am back in my job after a short reintegration phase and feel physically fit and capable again. The measurements from the analysis scale confirmed my feeling: although I gained almost 1 kg, I built up 1.6 kg of muscle and lost just under 4 % body fat (2 kg) at the same time, which can also be seen in front of the mirror. I can say: I am back again!

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ems training center

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Melinda: “Have Courage!”

“I was asked what I wanted to say to the others out there: most people are just too comfortable and don’t admit the physical consequences of doing nothing and aging. Some who come to the training even think that the EMS device does everything for them. You should give everything and try hard, then it will work out. And to all those who still think and don’t dare: they should simply try it for themselves!”

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