How EMS Training can help Rehabilitation and Recovery

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July 23, 2020

We think that Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is for weight loss and achieving the perfect body. But many people around the world have rediscovered their human nature from using EMS training and therapy as a form of recovery and rehabilitation. It has proven to be an effective addition to recovering bodies of all kinds.

Can a weight loss training program help in my recovery?

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As a preventative and rehabilitative measure, EMS training used for these purposes.

Pain relief – Though not the main use of EMS training, it can help break the pain cycle in your body. Combined with pad placements and isolated exercises, joint pain can reduce.

Muscle memory – As a protective measure after an injury, the muscle may switch off as your body’s response to prevent further damage. EMS therapy can help jump start them and avoid secondary injuries.

When should EMS for rehabilitation and recovery be used?

Let’s break down exactly how EMS training can rehabilitate your body.

Post-workout muscle recovery

When you exercise, your body stretches causing microscopic tears in your muscle fibres and connective tissues that result in muscle soreness. To prevent this, EMS can do right after a workout. It increases circulation and flushes out the build-up of lactic acid that occurs after exercising. If you’ve seen athletes and their coaches after training shakes the leg and arms muscles of the athlete. This performs the same function of EMS, except that EMS is a lot more effective.

Muscle strengthening before surgery

Pre-hab is a proactive approach to avoiding further pain, weakness and injury in a particular area. EMS training can be effective during this phase. Due to its intensive activation of muscles, it strengthens tissues, provides stability around vulnerable areas and improves joint function—elements that reduce the potential for injury.

Enable training of weak or atrophied muscles

Muscle atrophy is a condition that occurs when someone has a neuromuscular imbalance or incurs a musculoskeletal injury that renders them unable to use their muscles with the usual frequency. Attempting to gain strength in atrophied muscles can be difficult because, the same or surrounding weak muscles are recruited to aid in the contraction. With EMS training, muscles in the entire motor unit utilized and contracted over a larger and deeper area. It allows it to done faster because of the intensity of the long contraction by the EMS training suit.

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