Does 20 Minutes of EMS Training Actually Have Side Effects?

Written by fullcircle

July 23, 2020

If you are into health and fitness, you must have come across a new term circulating in the market — EMS Training. Whether you were prescribed this training or want to try it in an EMS Fitness Gym, you would want to know its benefits. Today, for all the curious minds having the same question, we will tell you what 20 minutes of EMS Training can do for you! Let’s get started!

About EMS Training

To start with, we will quickly tell you what EMS Training is all about. EMS Training, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation, is a type of training that requires you to fit electronic nodes directly in contact with your muscles. As you work out, these nodes send controlled electrical waves through muscles, stimulating them and enhancing your muscle capability. These nodes usually come fitted in a bodysuit that you wear during workouts.

What Can 20 Minutes Of EMS Training Do?

EMS Training in Dubai is getting more recommendations daily, and there must be a reason behind it. Everyone who tried EMS Training reported they could feel the difference. Here are the top notable things that 20 minutes of EMS Training can bring you:

Increased Metabolism

For starters, EMS increases your metabolism. It is known that you will have a better metabolism rate if you have more muscle. What EMS stimulation does is it stimulates up to 90% of your muscle fibers to make space for muscle growth. As more muscle fibers activate during the training, you get a better metabolism rate. In return, you get an afterburn effect that allows you to burn more calories for the next 48 hours. Much more compared to the conventional workout methods.

Boost in Strength

Just 20 minutes of EMS Fitness Training is equivalent to about three conventional training. Electronic stimulations activate your muscle fibers, which helps increase your muscle mass. With that, you can see a visible improvement in your strength. Moreover, electronic stimulation keeps stimulating your muscles, reducing the risk of injury to your ligaments and joints.

Reduction in Cellulite

The main factor of electronic stimulations in EMS training targets soft tissues and muscles like the connective tissues and fat cells. By improving circulation, it rids your body of toxins which reduces cellulite. It also improves blood flow to the skin, tones muscles, and stimulates collagen production.

Weight Loss

As we mentioned during the discussion on metabolism rate, EMS Training allows maximum activation of muscle fibers, increased metabolism rate, and the subsequent afterburn effect. With that, you can build leaner muscles, even targeting specific areas of your body. Throw in a good diet, and you can lose weight quickly and healthily.

Feel Energized

We all know that exercising regularly can improve your mood by the bounds and leaps. With the additional boost of EMS Fitness Training, you will feel more energized, reduce stress, have better sleep cycles, and improve your immune system. All these, you get from just 20 minutes of EMS Training!

EMS complements the standard way of workout by increasing the intensity double and improves muscle quality, reduces fat, build lean mass, improves stamina, and endurance.

Does EMS training have side effects?

EMS training is a modern health system that doesn’t have any negative side effects for people who maintain a moderate activity schedule in day-to-day life. Even traditional gym equipment can also damage your muscles, if you use it incorrectly. So, you need to select the best EMS trainer and gym near you for your fitness training.

The electrical impulses work on each muscle and stimulate the blood flow, leaving the skin younger and fresh, reducing cellulite from the body, and assisting in achieving the advantages of an actual intense workout within lesser time.

Our body is designed to improve strength, stamina, endurance, and agility only by practicing the right techniques that focus on building them. So join Full Circle for EMS training, and be healthy always.

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