Things That Make You Love Ems Training.

Written by fullcircle

July 23, 2020

It saves your time.

Only 20 minutes of EMS training replace 3 hours of fitness. One EMS training session allows burning 500 calories, and 2,000 calories can be burned within the period of 36 hours after training.

Better and quicker result.

10 training sessions allow getting rid of 5 kg of excess weight. You’ll become 6.5 cm slimmer in the waist and finally get rid of back pain. In order to keep yourself in good shape, three 20-minute workouts a week are more than enough;

You won’t need any sporting equipment.

You’ll find all you need in an EMS-studio.

It fits everyone!

It’s a perfect solution for businessmen and busy people who value their time. Everyone can participate in an EMS-training after a consultation with a family doctor regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

It is safe for your health.

EMS-training is 100% safe. The risk of sustaining an injury during the training is brought to a minimum. The EMS equipment has been reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Where to Exercise Best?

In order to ensure that the EMS training brings maximum efficiency, there is a need to choose the kind of studio that is equipped with high-quality and certified equipment as well as professional instructors. In this respect, nothing can be better than Full circle ems fitness studio

It is positioned in a perfect location – full circle address

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