What are the Proper Non- Veg Diet Plans with EMS Training

Written by fullcircle

May 14, 2020

There is no denying fact that non-veg items are full of proteins, carbohydrates and loads of energy. Also, it acts as a good companion if you are into strict EMS sessions. Here is the non-veg diet plan for your everyday life. Choose the diet among the below-listed non-veg diet plan during EMS training and try to be focused and strict every single day.

Mass Effect Diet Plan During EMS Training

Non-veg is good in protein and if you are much into non-vegetarian food then EMS training will show you superior results. So, let us start with the non-veg diet plan for the overall mass gain. For the first meal you have two eggs and for the second meal you have 150 gms of chicken or you can replace it with turkey as well. For the third and the final meal, you have 150 gms of buckwheat. You can add any vegetables like spinach, lettuce in the form of salad for the first meal. There will be 6 meals in which three will be the complete regular meals which will include all these three while for the remaining snack meal you have to take the combination of the first and second meal only.

  • Need to give 45 minutes per training sessions.
  • Add 1 cup of fruit peeled and fruit sliced in your breakfast
  • 4-4 EMS training sessions should be carried with your meal for mass effects.

Energy Build-up Diet Plan During EMS Training

For the first meal, you will have eggs and fish. While for the second meal pick anyone from prawn, squid, chicken or turkey. Here make sure to take only 150gms that is 1 cup of any of the items. For the final meal, you have a half a cup of buckwheat only. If you are going for this diet plan then consider the following points.

  • There should be a gap of sixteen hours between the last meal and the first meal of the day.
  • Add any one fruit in all the meal.
  • If you are not doing EMS training then take only meal one and two together and skip the third one.
  • During the EMS training, all the three meals need to be taken as three complete meals.
  • The snack meal should be taken after thirty to sixty minutes of the EMS training.

Normal fitness Diet Plan During EMS Training

Here we mean weight loss, fitness, maintenance, and streamlining. The overall diet is divided into two meals. The first one includes tuna, fish, eggs. You need to take eggs along with any other item listed or else you can also add fruits of your choice too. Next comes the second meal where you have squid, prawn, pork, beef, chicken and turkey. Now here you have a difficult choice as you have to pick only one item that too of 150 gms that is one cup. Combine both the meals together and eat. But make sure to keep a gap of four hours in the middle of two meal times or else it will not show any good effects. Things to consider –

  • Don’t intake any amount of sugar, cold drinks, ice creams
  • Avoid chocolates, soda or pies.
  • You can have one cheat day but try to control it as much as you can.

Want to be fit? Get on with your EMS training session at Full Circle studio and choose your non-veg diet plan accordingly.

Eat Healthy Be Healthy!!

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