Diet Plan

What Should We Eat after EMS Training and Why?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training in Dubai has become widely popular in recent years. It focuses on keeping your muscles toned and active. The results of the training are usually visible after four sessions if you take care of everything. A Diet plan and what we...

5 Muscles Building Protein Shake Recipes

Fitness is nothing short of a religion. Our body is supposed to be a temple, after all. We must make sure that we keep ourselves away from toxicity — mentally and physically. Keeping our health in its pinkest form requires us to follow some fitness tips and make the...

The good and the bad sides of EMS

There is no shortcut to success! Only moderate use of this machine under the supervision of expert trainers can assure a safe exhaustion of muscles. We believe fitness is a long-term goal and, on your attempt, to reach your fitness goals, you shouldn’t brush off the importance of achieving it in a healthy way.

Nutrition a Woman Should Not Avoid During EMS Training

Men and women are different in all the way, and so are their nutrition requirements. Plus if a woman is into regular EMS training session then the need of the body increases. EMS training session is a painstaking task and requires a lot of exertion, energy, and power,...