EMS Training Center in Dubai

Crucial Aspects That Make EMS Fitness Training Suitable For Adults

EMS is a relatively new process of exercise that is launched into the market. While it is true that Electric Muscle Stimulation hasn't received as much exposure, there is no reason not to. EMS has a lot to offer. It has proven to be effective in more than one way with...

Doubts About Back Pain and ems You Should Clarify.

In an industrialized western culture, back pain is one of the most common complaints. Back pain and its origin shaped by working and living situations of those affected, but by personal behaviour and medical systems

Now Is the Time For You To Know The Truth About Intermittent Fasting

In the last few years, intermittent fasting has become a popular habit among gym fans, influencers and even some athletes. It consists of not eating any solids for a determined time.

Is recovery from injuries is possible with full-body EMS training

In Full circle ems fitness studio, we’d assess and understand your injury and what limits you have in terms of movement. We would then design an exercise plan around that specific injury/condition i.e. torn or reconstructed ACL or even knee replacement.