This is the best money I have ever
spent on fitness!! I’m never going to a
gym again!
– Mohamed Amin

Thanks to you and your team I am feeling fit,
happy and healthy and looking fabulous (If I do
say so myself!)… You have really helped a
single girl to get out there and enjoy life again!
– Rebecca Sturt

I have been with Healthy Balance Fitness for
6 months doing the EMS Training at Full
Circle Body Fitness… and am really happy
with the way I look and feel. If you want a
great workout with great people come
along and join Full Circle EMS training!
– Anik Misra

In truth I was expecting to hate EMS initially,
but I love it with a passion. Thanks for all that
you do, I’m 44 in a few months and I’ve never
ever been this fit or felt this strong. Thank
you and keep going helping people, your
trainers are appreciated.
– Robin Saunders

Great challenge!!! All such great things to
aim for and to remind ourselves of all the
things that impact on health. Thanks so
much Full Circle!!
– Victor Johnson

I have never done something in my life that I
feel so passionate about and am noticing results
and am absolutely loving it. Think I am
becoming a Full Circle EMS junkie!
– Lyndal Peck