Guide to Healthy DIET TIPS FOR EMS TRAINING during Covid Lockdown

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June 16, 2021

The covid lockdown has turned a chef out of everyone. From Dalgona Coffee to Banana Bread, people have been experimenting with their food ever since the lockdown. While lockdown has allowed people the time to experiment, it has also led to unhealthy eating habits. If you are a fitness enthusiast or someone switching to healthier meals, you must be finding it difficult to do so. Therefore, we have made a guide to healthy diet tips for EMS Training during covid lockdown below.

Plan it out

Planning is the first step to healthy meal preparations. There is a lot that you need to figure out before you start to cook your meals. Before beginning,  you should set a purpose for why you want to switch to healthy meals and diet tips for EMS Training. You should also determine the things you want to cut down and the things you are looking to add to your diet.

Once you have figured out what exactly you want from your meals, plan your meals. You can create a chart at the beginning of every two weeks or a month. It will let you know what you need to do, and you can skip the everyday contemplation.

Be careful with the ingredients

You need to be aware of what you are putting in your meal and how much of it. Therefore, you need to be careful with your ingredients. Avoid adding too much oil or salt to your food. You can also find alternatives for ingredients that are unhealthy. For instance, instead of adding cream to your curry, you can use a blend of cashews.

In addition to that, use fresh food rather than packaged food. While at the grocery, go for whole apples rather than sliced ones. You should also choose fresh herbs. There is a lot of difference that fresh food can make to your meals.

Choose home-cooked meals

Home-cooked meals are the best way to go healthy as you will be able to see what goes inside your feed. A lot of food places work with preservatives which you don’t want in your meals. Moreover, healthy meals often cost a lot, and there are only certain adjustments a food place will make for you.

Whereas, home-cooked meals are affordable, and you can adjust them according to your personal preferences. There are also many recipes for healthy meal prep that you can find on the internet, all for free. So, home-cooked meals are a win-win.

Practice hygienic cooking

While you are keeping your meals clean, it is also essential that your cooking practices are also hygienic. Hygiene is an essential aspect of cooking as well as eating. So, make sure you clean your counter before and after cooking your meals. Moreover, remember to clean your utensils properly.

Along with that, keep your food storage hygiene and keep raw and cooked food separately. It is also essential that you cook your food properly. Uncooked food carries a greater risk of diseases and infections, which is why thorough cooking is essential. Remember to wash your hands before cooking as well as eating.

Be a mindful eater

Mindful eating is a habit very few people possess. Most people today eat their meals while doing something or the other, be it watching tv or reading. As a result, they are unaware of what they have eaten and how much they have eaten. A lot of times, people often feel hungry after eating.

Therefore you should practice mindful eating. It may feel difficult in the beginning; however, it will benefit you greatly. Some other tips are:

  • Eat slowly, making sure you chew properly
  • Eat in silence
  • Focus on your food and only your food

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is something that you should avoid in general life as well. While it is not that you should consume alcohol at all, you should keep the consumption low. Alcohol negatively affects your immune system. Moreover, it may deteriorate your mental state and induce anxiety.

Therefore, you should steer clear of alcohol. Many people use alcohol as a coping mechanism which you shouldn’t. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle has no place for alcohol or at least an excess of it. You should cut down on alcohol or at least reduce its consumption while following a healthy diet.

Control sugar and salt intake

Most people remain unaware of the sugar and salt content in their diets. Instead of giving in to your sweet cravings by consuming chocolate, you should consume sweets from fruits and fresh juices. Along with that, you should reduce your consumption of sodas as they contain a lot of sugar.

To control your levels of salt intake, you should eat more fresh food rather than canned or preserved foods. Preserved foods use salts to remain edible for a  long period of time. Therefore, fresh food should be your priority while making healthy meals.

Drink enough water

Along with healthifying your meals, it is necessary that you stay hydrated throughout the day. A lot of people mistake their thirst for hunger and consume food. If your body is hydrated, you won’t have to face that situation. Moreover, people trying to lose weight should stay hydrated too.

You drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. There are several ways you can achieve this goal. Such as:

  • Keep a water tracker to track your daily consumption of water
  • Divide your water consumption into smaller chunks of the day
  • Use bottles with markings

Diet Chart

   1st Week   
One citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiledOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggs
Two slices of wholemeal bread and fruitChicken meat with some green saladOne tomato, low-fat cheese, and one slice of wholemeal breadFruitVegetables (steamed) and two eggsFruitChicken meat with tomato salad and vegetables (steamed)
Chicken meat with some saladTwo eggs, some vegetable salad, and one orangeChicken meat with some big saladChicken Meat (steamed) with some big saladFish on a barbecue and a big saladChicken meat (steamed) with some saladVegetables (steamed)
   2nd Week   
One citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne citric fruit and two boiled eggsOne Citric fruit and two boiled eggs
Chicken with some saladVegetables (steamed) andChicken meat with some saladTwo eggs. cheese low In Fat and steamed vegetablesTuna saladChicken meat with some saladChicken meat and steamed vegetables
Two Eggs, one orange and saladFish on a  barbecue with some big saladVegetable two eggs. salad and one orangeChicken meat (steamed) with someTwo Eggs with some saladFruitsRepeat what you have for lunch

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