Why are the sessions only 20 minutes long? Unbelievable Facts About Ems Training.?

written by fullcircle
On Jul 23, 2020

EMS engages all of your major muscle groups simultaneously, so rather than do sets on your arms, then legs, then abs, etc like you would in the gym – you work everything at once, which makes it any time-efficient way of training. If you want an intense workout then the machine is stronger than you are and there is nothing that engages your muscles so effective. If you want a gentle workout to retain muscle tone and strength the levels adjusted … come and try a session it isn’t cheating!

Where EMS is most effective is in forcing all of your weak or lazy muscle groups to engage proper and build strength in these areas. This means you feel fitter and stronger very quick.

If you are looking for a targeted, time-efficient way to exercise – whether you are young or old, fit or want to get fit – give whole body EMS a try. You may find it is all you need!

How EMS works

Whole-body EMS works by sending an electric pulse to all of your major muscle groups and forcing the muscles to engage without putting any strain on the joints. The pulse set for each muscle group and tailored to the individual’s level of strength, which means it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels – the fitter you are, the harder your muscles are made to work. Clients then perform personal training exercises to amplify the effect of the muscle contractions and mean you are able to target specific areas of the body. 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym.

Overcoming the concerns

The fact you have to wear a unique outfit and are connected to a machine for your workout leads to some inevitable questions like:

– Is it safe? Or is it a fad?

EMS has been used for decades in various forms and used as a fitness tool in over 50 countries globally. It has passed the strictest safety tests. The key contraindication is that you don’t have a pacemaker, but it is a fantastic fitness tool for everyone.

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