Why choose full circle EMS Training in times of social distancing

After 7 weeks in lockdown, we can’t wait to see everyone in the studio for a good, quality workout. Being a private studio, we have the luxury to provide you with a safe workout space we can control. No crowds, no shared weights, we’re not a busy gym and there’s less to worry about for you.

Here’s a little overview of why EMS training is your go-to workout in times of social distancing.

Safe and controlled environment:

Our full circle EMS training studio is a safe environment due to us being intimate. We changed things around. So, we have at approx. 2meters between our two workout spaces. Due to our unique EMS training approach makes it easy to disinfect everything in between sessions so you can train without worrying about contamination.

Contact tracing:

We take Covid-19 seriously and have a clear contract tracing approach in place as we use a diary to take your bookings. We know who was in the studio at what time.

Hygiene & Disinfection

Our highest priority has been providing you with a safe and hygienic workout space. We added additional measures comply with governmental regulations to this like disinfecting your workout area before & after each session. Our priority – to ensure that each person walking through our doors is safe.

Time Efficiency & Results:

Let’s not forget, our 20mins sessions is the most efficient workout you can get with the least exposure to anyone outside your bubble. Don’t sacrifice on effectiveness as those 20mins are as effective as 90min in the gym.

Let’s re-start working on your fitness & health goals together with fullcircle Ems training studio Dubai.

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