Doubts About Back Pain and ems You Should Clarify.

Posture ranks right up at the top of the list when we are discussing good health. In an industrialized western culture, back pain is one of the most common complaints. Back pain and its origin shaped by working and living situations of those affected, but by personal behaviour and medical systems. The affected person adopts a different posture to relieve pain. A one-sided posture leads to immobility in the joints and muscles. Overloading the nerves and adopting a relieving posture leads to a reduction in the pain threshold and the pain reinforced. 

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How EMS training can help?

EMS training activities take away the behaviour and negative reinforcements that causes poor posture and back pain. The body becomes better conditioned and regenerates and sleeping patterns normalise. High load intensities during EMS training cause pain reduction within a short period of time up to complete freedom from pain. Below are a few proven effects on back training of EMS in studies:

  • 88% of participants significantly reduced their level of back pain
  • After using EMS for 2 weeks the intensity of the pain fell by 60% and 87% after 6 weeks
  • 40% of participants had chronic back pain before beginning training, after 6 weeks this was just 9%. In 44% of the chronic patients the pain had completely gone.

Many of our clients here at full circle ems fitness studio Dubai, EMS training have also experienced a reduction in back pain and improvement in overall posture. Contact us to see how EMS can work for you.

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