How-EMS Training Effect is Scientifically Validated?

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On Aug 12, 2021

Inducing muscle contraction with electrical impulses is the fitness protocol of EMS training. This is growing in popularity every year as it is a highly beneficial form of exercise suitable for age groups. EMS is verified as an effective and time-saving alternative to conventional exercises by research conducted by Hindawi.

It is also said that the EMS provides a compelling alternative to conventional strength training for enhancing the motor abilities and strength limits in athletes. Although this workout is not about sitting on your couch eating your fish and chips while you build muscles. It can help in relaxation, recovery and also burn those extra fats in your muscles.

Weight loss

This workout is scientifically proven to reduce weight. EMS helps you lose your body fat by burning calories and enhance your basal metabolic rate for more than seven hours. Your body will still burn more calories than before even after you have finished your EMS workout. Therefore, you lose more weight than before.

Improves athletic performance

Over 300 muscle fibers are stimulated with EMS workout. It can activate your muscles helping you to break down muscle tissues which are then repaired with proper nutrition and rest. Therefore, doing this workout daily can help enhance your muscle tone, speed, strength, and endurance. Your athletic performance for sports like netball and basketball is also improved.

Lessen stress on your joints

EMS is specifically useful if you are recovering from an injury and still wish to exercise to stay fit. Unlike traditional weight training, this does not put a lot of stress on your joints.

Increases Strength

EMS sends signals to your muscles which tells them to contract unwantedly at a higher level than you can attain by yourself. You will be able to grow your muscles and enhance your strength with less effort with the help of muscle contraction at a high level and for a long time.

Lowers risk of injury

EMS is done under a controlled environment under the supervision of an experienced trainer. It is super safe and has proven records of success for decades. It is also painless and stimulates muscle contractions by imitating the natural electrical activity of the body. Since EMS has more muscle activation than usual, there is also no need to use complex equipment and weight. This can reduce your joint strain and decrease the risk of injury.

Scientifically validated effects after so many

The effectiveness of an EMS workout is 18 times more than a conventional exercise. This is as per the research conducted by German Sports University in Cologne. A twenty-minute workout with EMS is compared to 3 ninety-minute traditional workouts. Users have also reported reduced back pain in just six weeks of the program. 75% of the users confirmed an improvement in incontinence issues, while 33% has reported completely disappeared.

As mentioned, EMS workout is effective and time-efficient to traditional workouts. It is an excellent exercise that you must include if you want to work towards enhancing your health, gaining strength, and lose weight.

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