Why Using EMS Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health and Well-Being

written by fullcircle
On Sep 23, 2021

If you suffer from ailments that you believe are caused by stress or anxiety, then EMS technology might be just what you need to take your life back. Most Americans spend at least 30% of their daily life in a stressful situation. Stress is the number one preventable cause of injury and illness throughout the nation. In fact, it is now estimated that $1.9 trillion is spent each year on conditions related to stress and anxiety in the United States and UAE.

This article will discuss how EMS technology might help improve your mental health, and reduce the stress in your life.

One exciting field of EMS technology is the use of low-voltage, direct current (DVC) to reduce the pain and spasms of muscle spasms in patients who have suffered strokes. These electrical currents directly affect the muscles within the body, causing muscle spasms and contractions to decrease in severity and frequency. This therapy is typically used as an adjunct to therapeutic massage or chiropractic services. The frequency of these electric pulses can vary, depending upon the needs of the patient.

Muscle relaxation is another benefit of EMS technology. Patients who suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis have found relief by having these electrical impulses directed into the affected muscles. The ability to relax is often one of the primary symptoms of these illnesses, making the stimulation of the muscles essential to their treatment. In fact, many patients who have participated in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a type of this therapy, have found that it has enabled them to regain some sense of physical functioning even though they may not be able to express it verbally. Currently, there are several trials underway testing the ability of EMS to treat Alzheimer’s and sclerosis patients. EMS technology can improve your mental health in a very effective way.

With regard to the physical therapy aspect of EMS, the potential benefit to patients is tremendous. Because these electrical impulses direct directly to the muscles, patients are able to work on strengthening their muscles even when at home or in the gym. When patients are able to perform physical therapy on their own or with the assistance of a therapist, they are less likely to fall behind on reaching their fitness goals. As a result, they may be able to maintain a higher level of physical activity for longer periods of time. This could significantly reduce the need for in-home physical therapy services for patients who have recently suffered a stroke or other trauma.

For those who are interested in receiving this form of therapy, there are several options available. In general, doctors who specialize in treating neurological injuries prefer to perform the therapy using alternating current rather than direct electrical impulses. Although most hospitals have several specialists available who are qualified to perform electrical therapy, there are now specialty clinics and facilities available for patients who choose to receive this form of therapy in their homes. It is important, however, to make sure that you are able to obtain the services you need from a facility that is certified to provide this service in your home state.

There are several different benefits to patients who choose to use electrical stimulation as a means of healing. Among those benefits is the ability to perform activities on one’s own without the assistance of a therapist. Another benefit to patients is the ability to strengthen muscles even when away from home, such as when someone is recovering from a sports injury at work. Finally, there are several different types of electrotherapy equipment that can be used by patients to enhance the effectiveness of their electrotherapy sessions. This includes several types of massage chairs that are designed to provide a variety of different treatment methods.

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