10 Prime Components of Your Health and Fitness

Fitness means a good physical condition where a human body is able to perform regular activities without putting any extra labors. Along with this fitness does not mean having a good body posture or bone mass but there are various components that altogether results for one to stay healthy and hearty. If you want to make a balance of these factors in your body then you can simply visit Full Circle, one of the best EMS training centers in Dubai.

But first, let us discuss the significant factors and components effect your body and its fitness;

#1. Alertness:

Here it is about the freedom of the body to move from one position to the other without putting any extra efforts. For example, while you are taking the fitness training, then your trainer will put forward commands one after the other, and if you are unable to grab it on time, then the results will not be constructive.

#2. Balance:

Here balance directly relates to strengthening the core of the body. If the body is strong from inside then taking up the exertion of workout and doing the daily chores will become extremely easy plus there will be fewer chances of injury too.

#3. Body composition:

Keep a check on your metabolism and restrict yourself from consuming extra fat. Getting under or overweight adversely affects the body’s health and the ability to perform the regular activities also reduces.

#4. Cardiovascular Endurance:

If your heart is pumped up and is working at the right speed then it is a good sign of health and fitness. Thus, cardiovascular exercise must be done on a regular basis.

#5. Coordination:

The coordination means using the senses of the body altogether to perform any activity. For example; playing cricket, using hands and eyes to create clear coordination to deliver a perfect shot.

#6. Muscular strength:

Bone strength will alone not help the body to perform the movement or task adequately. Thus, one has to be good with muscle mass as well. Muscles are essential for performing any movement, or we can say we won’t be able to blink an eye without good muscle strength. Thus muscular strength is a prime component for health and fitness.

#7. Flexibility:

Mostly, flexibility is ignored, but it plays a vital role in fitness. Not having a flexible body will result in a stretch, muscle rigidity, and even cause soreness in the body.

#8. Speed:

Here it does not mean to have an immaculate speed level instead it indicates the capability to perform the task or do the movement right on time. One can understand with the example like catching the ball, hitting the tennis shot, or performing defensive action.

#9. Power:

Power means the wherewithal to perform the task in a shorter span of time. It is also one of the critical and prime components for health and fitness. For example, pulling carts, riding bikes, swimming, lifting heavy loads, etc.

#10. Reaction time:

One who is able to respond immediately to the command or what is being said, done in the environment is known to have good reaction time. Reacting to any circumstance within a stipulated time is a sign of a healthy body and mind.

All these were the prime and skill related components required to have good health and fitness. So, if you want to stay fit then ensure to work on all the mentioned factors without fail. You can join Full Circle to make these factors strong in your body with the help of EMS training.

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