Is recovery from injuries is possible with full-body EMS training

Most people get injured at some point in life. Dependent on what injury, rehab and recovery program to speed up the process. The aim is to get you back into do your everyday activities.

What happens when you injured?

In most cases after an injury is to lose muscle mass and the strength of that muscle. Using full-body EMS training as an addition to your rehab program from your physio will provide optimal support to rebuild and strengthen muscles. EMS will help with overall body strength and fitness that is lacking due to your injury.

Benefits of EMS training when you have injuries

With EMS training you can target specific problem areas, strengthen weaker muscle groups and work on your stabilizing muscles. This would lead to correcting the imbalances in your body.

Voluntary strength training does not restore the atrophied muscles surrounding the joints. The brain blocks the messages to the muscles that allow individuals hindered by injuries to execute a movement optimally.  Through full-body EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training, inactive muscles can rehabilitate and rebuilt more effective to support recovery.

Being able to activate up to 90% of your muscle fibres with EMS technology will help the muscles or muscle groups which have been inactive to get them back up to full strength.

How we can achieve this:

In Full circle ems fitness studio, we’d assess and understand your injury and what limits you have in terms of movement. We would then design an exercise plan around that specific injury/condition i.e. torn or reconstructed ACL or even knee replacement. As we use EMS technology that activates up to 90% of your muscle fibres throughout your body, paired with those exercises we can work very targeted to support your recovery.

Please keep in mind: Everyone is different and as much as the same principles of movement apply, we would always individually assess each case on its own merit and adjust accordingly plus align e.g. with your physio along the way.

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