Why Ramadan Is The Best Time For EMS Training

We all aspire for a fit body. While some of us are willing to go to extreme heights to achieve our dream body, most of us lack the time and strength to put into the process. However, in the world that we live in, a fair chance is given to everyone to do what they want. Let’s take the holy time of Ramadan, for example. In middle eastern cities, people only work half-time during this Islamic fasting period. This gives ample opportunities for people to focus on their bodies. They can start effective workouts like Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS Training) to get the maximum benefit.

It is a technology that has a lot of fitness and wellbeing-related benefits for our body. It implements the use of electrical stimulation through electrodes that directly impact the muscles under our skin. All of this makes both Ramadan and EMS training very good for us. It also goes on to prove that Ramadan is the best time for EMS training. Here are all the reasons why.

There is more time for training

Since you are only going to work half a day, you will be saving enough time to work out every single day. More time for training means better results which don’t take a lot of time to show up.

There is a schedule and track of your workout

Ramadan stays for a certain number of days. If you are dedicated enough, you can maintain a record of the number of days that Ramadan will last. This will also help you track the number of days that you went for your electrical muscle stimulation training. Doing this will help you create a schedule and wait for the results patiently.

The advantages of EMS are doubled

Fasting during Ramadan has not only religious benefits but also visible health benefits. Your body will get a chance to lose excess weight, your mind will feel more balanced, and many more. There is no end to the list of the advantages that you get from fasting during Ramadan. It is just like intermittent fasting. You can imagine the state of wellbeing that your body will experience when you start your electrical muscle stimulation training while you are fasting. The advantages will be doubled.

You can see the results soon

Like we mentioned earlier, fasting during Ramadan and carrying out your electrical muscle stimulation training doubles the benefits that your body receives. This also implies that the results that you would see out of your fasting and your EMS training will be visible sooner since you are putting your body under a lot of good pressure.

You get a sense of accomplishment

When you work out, your body releases a chemical called endorphin. This chemical is supposed to make you feel good and give you a sense of accomplishment. During your EMS sessions, your body uses around 90 percent of its total potential, and when you are fasting during Ramadan, this effort feels more. This is how you derive a greater sense of accomplishment.

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