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A fitness system that works with you
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What is the buzz about a special suit for EMS training?

With changing times, our needs have changed as well. We need to take special care of our bodies, keeping in mind the kind of polluted atmosphere that we live in. This doesn’t just require eating right and sleeping on time. It also means to keep ourselves fit and active.

The entry of Full Body Electric Muscle Stimulation Suit

Talking about fitness, we have to bring the new strategy of working out into the conversation – the full-body electric muscle stimulation suit. It is the all-new way of exercising which implements the use of electric impulses. These electric impulses are sent to our muscles and tendons, which are then activated. New muscle fibers are generated in this process.

The suit is entirely wireless and is strapped to your body to focus on more than 90% of your muscles. It has become possible only because of the EMS full-body suit that your body is stimulated to perform muscle bunches without overly exhausting your body. It is a true gift of technology to us.

Full Circle for EMS

EMS is a technology which is enough in itself to give your body the shape and energy you need. However, one needs to do it properly. At Full Circle, we make sure to leave no tables unturned while targeting your muscles with electric impulses. One of our dedicated fitness coaches will always be with you to ensure that you reach your body goals in the most efficient manner possible.

So, don’t overthink and sign up right away for the best EMS training at Full Circle.

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