Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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EMS is the process of stretching muscles and building stamina in the body using electric impulses. The impulses produce contractions in the body, which enhance November in the selected muscle group. Electrical muscle stimulation therapy is an easy process facilitated by personal trainers of Full Circle with many advantages. 

EMS electrical muscle stimulation is rapidly being popular among the people as a strengthening tool, but initially, it was used by physiotherapists. We use an electrical muscle stimulation device to prevent injuries and rehabilitate them if they have already occurred.


    • Classic weight training does not essentially involve fitness training; however, this training has shown better EMS fitness results than any other training.
    • Physical movement in the body is caused when the brain triggers the nerve cells to produce signals of any kind. These signals help in making movements that later result in exercises.
    • Our portable electric muscle stimulator mimics the same procedure of the brain to signal the nerves for movements. The movements have to occur from the impulse.
    • The impulses in the complex electrical stimulation are produced through the electrodes in the body. Once the area of the body which needs the best muscle stimulator has been selected, the procedure gets started. 

    When the impulse is passed in the muscle of the body, the EMS muscle stimulator causes contractions from the muscle fibers. The tension in the muscle helps it to flex and create movement. 

    The results in a heavy workout and electronic muscle recovery are precisely similar without many discrepancies, except that EMS training saves time.

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