Post Natal Recovery

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Post Natal Recovery

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments of a woman’s life. She rejoices, bearing the power to create life. We, at Full Circle, couldn’t respect women enough for all that they do for us as mothers, sisters, wives, friends, and whatnot.

This is why we made sure to bring you EMS training for postnatal recovery. Clearly, it is targeted towards women, the ones that have just experienced the joy and pain of childbirth. This implies some severe weight gain, which is not suitable for the body. Women are advised to lose this newly gained weight, but they find it hard with traditional exercising and training.

EMS for new mothers

This is precisely why EMS exists. It is an electrical muscle stimulation training that aims at rapidly burning the excess calories of your body. All of this happens by sending external electric impulses to the muscles throughout the body. It is entirely safe for women who have just gone into labor. EMS training doesn’t require you to change your diet, either. So, you can eat all you want as long as it is nutritious.

We are waiting for you at Full Circle to join us and lose all of that post-pregnancy weight.

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