Emirates Platinum Card – 40% OFF On Membership Packages

Written by fullcircle

December 10, 2020

We all love privileges. When you work in an organization, the company strives for employee satisfaction because it helps maintain productivity. Emirates group staff get several benefits with the platinum card.

Insurance benefits, shopping perks, complimentary deals, residential airport access, and other bonuses in several areas are only a few of the services that they get. If you are an Emirates Platinum cardholder, then you must take advantage of our EMS packages.

Emirates staff get several privileges!

The employees of Emirates sometimes have to overwork because it is a prominent company that has diverse operations. Sometimes you may feel lethargic with no energy left to work further. This usually happens when you are not paying attention to your diet and health.

An Emirates Platinum cardholder gets 40% OFF on EMS packages to visit our fitness studio and work hard on their body. Do you know how beneficial EMS training is for your body and mind? Here are some of its benefits:

  • EMS training is an efficient approach to improve your diet, posture, and body weight.
  • It contributes to burning calories with the help of impulses sent into the body.
  • It helps to relieve joint pains and cure injuries in muscles.

Why should you choose EMS training at Full Circle?

Full Circle training studios are essentially equipped to provide EMS training to Emirates Platinum cardholders. We have all the devices and equipment required for training sessions.

We provide EMS Promotional offer Emirates Platinum Card for the cardholders. Our professional trainers are skilled and experienced in providing effective sessions for early results.

Have a look at our offers

Emirates Platinum cardholders get a discount with Emirates Platinum card when they apply for EMS training sessions at our gym studios.

We have wireless devices that help to make the customers comfortable during the training sessions. Since the Emirates cardholders are often stressed with work and find no time, we also provide EMS training sessions at home.

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