Esaad card – 40% OFF on Membership Packages

Written by fullcircle

December 10, 2020

Are you an Esaad cardholder? We provide specific privileges and offers to Esaad cardholders for EMS training membership in our fitness studio.

Have you ever checked if your body is healthy? It is said that mental health and physical health go parallel. However, managing work and fitness is a challenging task in the present scenario.

In the current situation, most people look for fitness training, which consumes less time but gives accurate results. If you are a proud Esaad cardholder, keep reading to tap into these unique benefits.

EMS training is the answer to all the fitness problems!

Our EMS training can help you save time and get excellent results. Whether it’s back pain, injury recovery, muscle building, this fitness training can resolve most of your health problems.

  • In our EMS training, there is a controlled contraction of specific muscle groups that need therapy or strengthening.
  • It has a whole-body muscle workout, which helps you to burn calories.
  • The low-frequency electrical impulses can help relieve joint pains.
  • You can get a discount with Esaad card while paying the membership fee for our studio’s EMS training.
  • It is a new method of working out with the help of physiotherapy.
  • In our body fitness center, EMS training helps in simultaneous activation of whole body tissues.

Facilities you get at Full Circle

If you are wondering which studio to join for EMS training, then your search ends here. We have a team of professional trainers that provides EMS training at home also. Our EMS Promotional offers for Esaad Card can be availed by these cardholders to make the most out of their membership plan.

The EMS training at our studio is provided through wireless devices connected with Bluetooth. More so, our trainers can help you train at your home as well.

Our offer for Esaad cardholders

Not many fitness studios provide discounts and promo codes on membership fees, but we do. We believe that EMS training has several advantages. Therefore, they must be accessible to maximum customers. At our Full Circle fitness studios, an Esaad cardholder gets 40% OFF on EMS packages. If you have an Esaad card, then you shouldn’t wait anymore to join EMS training at our studio.

Yes, it may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. We also have other discounts and offers to our customers; they can be made available when they visit the studio.

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