Fazaa Card – 40% OFF On Membership Packages

Written by fullcircle

December 10, 2020

Do you know how necessary it is to be socially independent? Fazaa is an initiative that makes sure that people in the UAE community are socially independent. 

They provide cards to get benefits on several memberships like gym training, yoga sessions, entertainment, etc. This helps the cardholders to get discounts on Fazaa cards with Full Circle EMS training.

When people face weight gain problems, they rush to the gyms. But now, you get a better option than lifting weights.

EMS Training by Full Circle is here to rescue!

Have you ever thought about how important it is to be physically fit? Being healthy doesn’t mean having muscles; it means that your body has the required energy and stamina. EMS training focuses on strengthening your muscles and making you feel healthier by providing nutrition.

How does our EMS training work?

Fazaa cardholders get social security within the community. EMS training is also a form of social security because it makes your body healthy and less prone to fatal diseases. Here is how our EMS training works:

  • The wireless device has electrodes that are used to send the impulses in the particular muscle group of the body.
  • Once the electrodes send impulses, the body receives contractions, which makes the muscles flexible.
  • The contractions help relieve joint pains and cure injuries of Fazaa cardholders.

Our offer and benefits to Fazaa cardholders

At Full Circle, a Fazaa cardholder gets 40% OFF on EMS packages. With this discount, the Fazza cardholders can get a membership at Full Circle at a much lower price for EMS training. EMS training will work like magic for you. It can transform your body within a few weeks.

Not only this, if you are busy at work and find no time to visit the gym, our professional trainers make sure that Fazaa cardholders don’t have to suffer.

We offer home sessions for EMS fitness training with an EMS Promotional offer for Fazaa Card, considering the busy lifestyles of Fazaa members. Now you can feel a bond of solidarity with other members of the UAE community. 

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