Flydubai Platinum Card – 40% OFF On Membership Packages

Written by fullcircle

December 10, 2020

Working in an airline company can be challenging. Have you ever wondered that taking international flights frequently can have a negative impact on your health? Frequent jetlags can cause headaches, body pain, nausea, and dizziness.

If you are a Flydubai platinum cardholder, then you will get several privileges, bonuses, and discounts on services. With free flights and complimentary packages, you also get benefits for gym memberships.

EMS training eliminates the effects of jetlags

What do you do when your job is to travel frequently by air? The answer is that you join EMS training. It has recently become popular among youth and older adults to cure the effects of jetlags and stress.

When you go for EMS training, you can get a discount with a Flydubai card on the membership fee at Full Circle training studio. Have a look at all advantages we offer:

  • EMS training assists in energizing the muscles of the body to eliminate any strain or pain in joints.
  • It improves the stamina so that you can travel frequently without feeling dizzy
  • It helps burn calories because Flydubai platinum cardholders cannot find time to exercise between flights.

Come, train with us at Full Circle!

Are you looking for the perfect studio to start EMS training? You don’t have to wait anymore. You can come and train with us at Full Circle. You can get an EMS Promotional offer, Flydubai Card, when you join our studio.

We have all the devices and equipment required for efficient training. Therefore, you can train comfortably with our professional trainers.

Our amazing offers for you

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. What would happen if you don’t do any exercise for months? Your body will eventually become lethargic. But if you train with us at Full Circle, Flydubai cardholders get 40% OFF on EMS packages.

Yes, that is a great deal to maintain your body and health. With EMS training, you don’t have to suffer from jet lags anymore. Furthermore, you can save time and money with a Flydubai Platinum card.

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