Mashreq Bank Employees – 40% OFF On Membership Packages

Written by fullcircle

December 10, 2020

Banking jobs can make you lethargic. It is not easy to sit at the table all day and work at peak productivity. Mashreq bank employees might suffer from a number of health problems due to their desk job.

It includes bad posture, lower back pain, stress in muscles, and an unhealthy diet. These problems can lead to bigger health emergencies in the later stages if not cured. But we’re here to keep your health issues at bay.

How EMS training is beneficial for bank employees?

Have you ever heard of EMS training? If you have, then you should know how effective it is for the body. EMS training is the best solution for all health problems that Mashreq bank employees might suffer.

That is why Full Circle provides EMS Promotional offers to Mashreq bank employees, in which they can get memberships at discounts. It has the following benefits for bank employees:

  • It helps to improve posture
  • It eliminates lower back pain
  • It rejuvenates energy in the body
  • It builds stamina and endurance
  • It helps to improve mental health
  • It helps the employees to lose weight and get rid of obesity

EMS training at Full Circle and other facilities

At Full Circle, Mashreq bank employees can get EMS training with professional and experienced trainers. We also provide discounts for Mashreq bank employees to increase their savings while keeping themselves healthy.

Our EMS training devices are wireless and connected with Bluetooth, providing better comfort during the session. Since bank employees do not find much time, we can also offer sessions at your home.

Our offers for the Mashreq bank employees

We provide several offers and discounts on memberships for EMS training and other muscle-building sessions. Mashreq bank employees get 40% OFF on EMS packages for all training sessions. This training at our fitness studio can help them to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle without the stress of getting diseases.

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