Electrical Muscle Stimulation training in Dubai has become widely popular in recent years. It focuses on keeping your muscles toned and active. The results of the training are usually visible after four sessions if you take care of everything. A Diet plan and what we eat after EMS Training plays a significant role. You can ask your personal EMS trainer for diet charts and food requirements. Besides that, we have got you covered. Here is what you should eat after the training.

Follow your required calorie intake and keep it clean

After a training session, your body is all fatigued and needs fuel. Yet, it doesn’t mean that, you should eat anything after a workout. So, it is crucial what you consume, after a workout, is healthy.

The fitness gym you are working with usually takes care of your calorie intake. However, whatever you eat throughout your training period shouldn’t go beyond your calorie count. A calorie count makes sure you don’t overeat.

Eating healthy allows you to eat without regret. Unhealthy eating habits can make your body store excess fat. Most people fail to realise that fats are necessary for your body.

Not all fat sources are bad, you just need to know how to limit them. Thus, you should eat protein, fat and carbs in a limited manner or it can increase your insulin. Instead, you can focus on:

  • Eating sound fats, such as nuts, whole eggs, cheddar cheese, etc.
  • Keeping a tab of all the carbs you eat throughout the day so you don’t end up causing a disbalance in your muscle weight ratio.
  • Fueling your body within 30 minutes after you have finished training.
  • Choosing healthy carbs such as quinoa, fruits, and rice.
  • Using filling food with fewer calories in meals

Protein is your best buddy

A high protein diet is your way to success. It is recommended you eat protein within half an hour after ending your workout. If you find it difficult to eat something right after EMS training, go for protein shakes. Keep a tab of your protein intake too. So, you don’t fall behind or go over the top.

You need to repair the energy you have used during the training. So, proteins are necessary, and they have other advantages too:

  • They are vital for not only building muscles but also repairing them.
  • They help in growing your body.
  • Proteins help in recovering the glycogen used up during training.
  • They are considered to be the most effective for gaining muscles.
  • Your body requires protein to balance the muscle fat ratio.
  • You can feel your body recovering faster if you are consuming protein.
  • Your body limits muscle protein breakdown by consuming protein.

You can get protein from many food items:

  • Eggs (6.28g each)
  • Cottage Cheese (11g per 100g)
  • Salmon (20g per 100g)
  • Chicken (27g per 100g)

Other tips to help you

Apart from everything we have discussed. Here are some tips that you should inculcate in your EMS training habits:

  • Instead of whole meals, eat a healthy snack after your training.
  • Think over your goals and then decide your diet plans and nutrients intake.
  • Try supplements but take a professional’s advice on them.
  • Never eat anything after your workout before cooling down properly.
  • To stay hydrated, you can drink coconut water or green, herbal tea.
  • You can browse the internet for meal suggestions. Many cooking channels work specifically for that purpose.


Correct nutrition can affect the results of your training a lot. So, make sure you follow these nutrition tips along with your other fitness tips. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated after the training.

Water is necessary to get back the water and organic salts lost. That was everything, go get those muscles!