How EMS Helps Lose Weight By Creating A Calorie Deficit

Written by fullcircle

March 21, 2021

Weight loss or and weight gain are two concepts that are the prime suspects for stress or anxiety amongst a lot of people. According to a survey, one out of four people suffers from body image issues. In this article, I’ll explain that, how EMS helps lose weight by creating a calorie deficit.

There are two courses of action you can choose from here on — we could either strive to accept ourselves the way we are, or we can try to achieve acceptance while transforming ourselves to a state when we will look at the mirror and like what we see.

We are all familiar with the benefits of working out and how it helps us to get toned. Here, we will be talking about a new form of training which has been named EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Calorie deficit and Weight Loss

The logic behind that of a calorie deficit and weight loss is that of a very simple one. We only lose weight when the level of calorie loss exceeds the level of calorie intake. Therefore, the logic is reversed in the case of weight gain.

Our calorie intake is based on consumption, while calorie loss deals with the activities we do. People engage in activities like walking, running, swimming, or working out because it helps us boost the number of calories we lose. Simultaneously, we adapt different diets like keto diet or low carb diet to keep an eye on our calorie intake, so it does not outrun our calorie loss.

How does EMS come into play here?

The elementary function of EMS training is to stimulate our muscles with an electrical response. As a result, it enhances calorie loss while we perform other activities and thus, EMS helps lose weight by a calorie deficit.

There’s a logic behind this. When we work out, our muscles remain activated for 48 hours, and it takes us that amount of time to recover. However, this recovery time is extended a little if we introduce EMS training into the equation. After muscle stimulation, it takes us 4-5 days to recover. In the meanwhile, the body keeps losing calories or burning during this recovery period.

Thus, EMS enhances our calorie loss as it continues to function whether we engage in a rigorous workout or not.

How does it help us?

There are two types of EMS training — the first kind is known as over the counter and the second kind is referred to as prescription. The former can be used by almost everyone to get their muscles toned. But the latter is only to be used under the advice and supervision of an authorized practitioner. 

It reached out to the hard-to-target muscles

Since it is an artificial response, it is possible for the impulse to target every muscle and fiber of your body. This is not a benefit that we can easily get if we work without any muscle stimulation.

It opens clogged pores

As the electric impulse rushes through our body to induce the muscles, they tear open all the clogged pores in the way. As a reaction, our blood circulatory system is enhanced. With the regulation of the blood flow, the body receives more energy which increases our usual capability for a certain workout.

Boosts metabolism

When the EMS training is performed on a person, it works to stimulate all the major muscle groups in our body, which are, namely, upper back, lower back, middle back chest, arms, abdomen, legs, and glutes. Since it vitalizes all the muscle groups at once, our body loses more fat every minute than it used to earlier. This plays a significant role in boosting our metabolism.

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