An unbelievable marriage success story with ems training

Written by fullcircle

June 6, 2020

The studio I started attending was Full circle Ems fitness studio in Dubai. They are no ordinary gym. They use electrical muscle stimulation; you wear a suit during a workout that sends electrical pulses to your muscles making them work harder. According to the Full circle, you only need to do 20 minutes for EMS training once a week. A claim I now can vouch for.

On the nutritional side of things, I turned to a Body and Lifestyle Transformer. I became part of the Life Transformation program, which involved being part of a Facebook support group and having access to workouts and recipes.

So, I gave myself a challenge, to get as fit as possible before the wedding, but to show the difference and changes, there had to be some pictures. My journey started, but standing in Full circle, in a glass-fronted studio in Dubai. Terrifying scary, but seeing the photos and hearing my vital statistics shocked me into motivation.

And I did my training session very dedicated and I follow the instructions of my trainer and their customized training attracts me much. Now I’m fit and satisfied.

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